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We Promote Local Producers
We support Consumers
Our Philosophy

The Food and Agriculture sector seeks attention, needing a new approach.

Establishing a new balance
between producer and consumer
is the solution

Our mission is to implement a new model to follow, by bringing new proposals to the table.


Italian agro-products quality and identity safeguard.


U.P.A.I. Affiliates can avail of our logistic centers throughout Italy.

Consumer's Benefits

Customers in possession of our loyalty card can take advantage of exclusive prices offered by U.P.A.I. Affiliates.

Our Strength

We are many: cereal and fruit farmers, mills, ranchers, winegrowers, dairy farmers, olive oil producers, preserves and jams manufacturers, bottling companies, cured meat processors, fisheries, and aquaculture suppliers.


We are establishing our presence all over the Italian territory and in every branch of the Department of Agriculture.


U.P.A.I. wants to dig into the daily news and fight disinformation.


We hear you! U.P.A.I. is ready to gather your claims regarding agriculture-related issues.


Placing the right product on the right market is not a piece of cake, therefore U.P.A.I. guides its affiliates through this process in Italy and abroad.

Working together to achieve our goal
What's new
News & Events

Chengdu Fair - China Food & Drinks Fair, edition n. 104

7-9 April 2021
U.P.A.I. will be in the Consulate General of Italy in Chongqing’s Pavilion