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The project was born in 2016 out of a desire to incorporate sustainability, traceability of food products, optimization of the production chain, and site-specific crop management (SSCM) into the traditional production process.
We aim to raise awareness about a new economic model among Italian agricultural companies to rewrite the producer-consumer dynamics, prioritizing the final consumer, instead of the large-scale distribution demands.

Food is a major feature of Italy’s national identity, therefore we strongly need to safeguard the Department of Agriculture and its economy.
EU policies and the overwhelming international competition forced our agri-food companies to re-organize their internal structure to not be crushed by new obligations and constraints.

U.P.A.I.’s solution is to rebalance the relationship between producer and consumer, respecting From Farm To Fork guidelines.
U.P.A.I. affiliates agri-food companies with registered office and operational headquarters in Italy, such as cereal and fruit farms, mills, ranches, vineyards, dairy farms, olive oil producers, preserves and jams manufacturers, bottling companies, cured meat processors, fisheries, aquaculture suppliers, and tobacco producers.
Of every one of these companies, we want to represent their economic interests, curating the relationship with Institutions for development and growth strategies, launch marketing campaigns, and offer consulting services about business law and regulations.

U.P.A.I. for a new vision of the Italian agri-food sector

To contrast food counterfeiting both in Italy and on international markets (Italian Sounding); to grant appropriate positioning of Italian agri-foods on local markets; to support Italian agri-food sector in today’s challenges.

U.P.A.I. prioritizes 3 pillars of action:
  • Obtainment of Quality Certifications as an added value to Italian companies and local agri-products.
  • Betterment of the direct relationship between Producers and Consumers both online and offline.
  • Draw a plan together to internationalize Italy-based agri-food and wine companies.